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Best Everyday Carry (EDC) Bag Choices

How To Find The Best EDC Bag For You

An Everyday Carry Bag, or EDC Bag for short is nothing more than what you carry your everyday carry items in that goes everywhere with you. EDC Bags can range anywhere from a full size backpack down to a small pouch that hooks onto your belt.

This article will help you choose the best EDC bag for what you carry everyday

The first rule of choosing an EDC bag is to buy a bag that's right for youreveryday carry items. Make an EDC List of the items you do carry, or assemble them on a table so you can get a good picture of the space that they will take up. Doing this is important because you don't want to buy a bag that won't meet your EDC needs, or leave you in the position of having to leave items at home because they just won't fit. I once made the mistake of purchasing a Condor MA45 iPhone pouch without thinking of what I'd want to put into it. Turns out that I decided that I wanted to carry a Moleskine Cahier notebook (3.5in X 5.5in), but that was too large for the pouch, so now it sits on my desk, unused.

Put your EDC gear into a large Ziplock bag and measure the height, width and depth. This will give you a very rough idea of the minimum bag size you'll need to carry everything. I usually add an inch to each side just for good measure.

The second rule is to consider the weight. Anything that weighs more than a pound or two is going to really drag on your belt and feel like it's pulling your pants down. If you carry a multitool, consider factoring that as half the total weight you'd want to carry. Likewise, if you have a high capacity powerbank charger for your phone, that's going to weigh a lot as well.

Third, consider what you do during the normal course of a day. If you're stuck in an office chair, you might only need a travel or shoulder pack, If you work the factory line and can't leave personal belongings lying around, you'll definitely need a belt clip solution.