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Titanium Tritium Keychain 1.5 Inch

SKU: 15878260

Tritium Keychain Vial "TRIL" by CooYoo

I'm one of those people that always seem to be dropping my keys in the dark. It doesn't matter whether I'm trying to get to the key fob to open the car doors with armfuls of groceries, or the house key in pitch dark, but ever since I put a Titanium Tritium Keychain light on the keychain ring, I have never had to fumble around for the keys again, dropping groceries or what have you.

These 1.5 inch Tritium Keychain lights never need recharging and will stay lit for up to 25 years, making the price well worth the purchase. They are housed in a TC4 Titanium 40mm housing with a weight of only 5 grams.

Titanium Tritium Keychain

Titanium Tritium Keychain4

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Titanium Tritium Keychain 5



1.5 inch Titanium Tritium Keychain light never needs recharging and will provide light for up to 25 years

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