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4800mAh Solar Charger & Powerbank

SKU: 129133001

When you need to recharge on the go, this 4800mAh Solar Charger & Powerbank is perfect for providing that power, and with having a solar panel to recharge the internal 4800mAh battery, you can just leave the powerbank on the window sill or car dashboard to recharge when not needed.

Charger includes one 2.1 amp USB and one 1.0 amp USB Charging port, LED flashlight (100+ hours runtime) and battery power level indicator. 

It takes roughly 8 hours of full sunlight to charge the powerbank via solar panels. The Powerbank's batteries can also be charged by a standard 2 amp...


This 4800mAh Solar Charger & Powerbank is perfect for when you need power on the go! Solar charger recharges powerbank as you charge phone.

Category: Powerbanks